Custom Shifts: The Traveling Shift Shop

There is one thing that gets me more excited than the twice a year After Party Sale and that is custom shifts!

Lilly Pulitzer has been giving Lilly lovers of all ages the opportunity to create a one of a kind shift with limited edition prints for almost a year now at its Flagship Worth Avenue location, but for the next few weeks, Lilly is bringing the custom shift shop to a corporate location near you! The Custom Shift Experience is available now until tomorrow 10/29 at the Suburban Square, Mall at Millenia, Legacy Village, Tyson’s Galleria, Waterside Shops, Southpark Mall, and Palm Beach Gardens locations!

There will be a few key differences for those of you choosing to design your custom shift at your home store as opposed to the Worth Ave Custom Shift Shop. You will be choosing one of two limited edition prints: either Lilly’s Blue Bouquet (third print from top in picture below), or Lilly’s Jungle Patch (fourth print from top in picture below).

Prints from top to bottom: Lilly’s Pink Bouquet, Wild on Worth Ave., Lilly’s Blue Bouquet, Lilly’s Jungle Patch, and Palm Beach Toile

You will be able to customize your shift or maxi in either a Mila or Gabby shift silhouette. (My custom shift is a Mila and my custom maxi is a Gabby. Mila is more of a straight across shift silhouette, whereas the Gabby is a v-neck shift that helps show off your curves.

The third and final step of the process was lace style and placement. This was probably the most fun part of the process because there are just so many options! You will be able to choose your lace and lace placement, but unlike the Worth Ave Shift Shop you will be able to pick either white or gold lace!
I loved designing my shifts and will always treasure my experiences on Worth Ave!

Which print will you choose for your custom shift? Let me know in the comments!

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