The Pink Retreat 2019

Happy Friday friends, and happy belated National Wear Your Lilly Day!
I kicked off my summer by heading to Palm Beach and enjoying all things Lilly at #ThePinkRetreat!

The Pink Retreat was the brilliant brainchild of Tosha Davis Williams and has blossomed into a fabulous, fun filled Palm Beach weekend attended by almost 300 ladies (and I’m sure there will be many more attendees next year!).

I had been admiring #TPR from afar, planning on attending someday, but when I met Tosha at the grand opening of the Worth Avenue store in early November 2018, I knew that I would love everything about the event and could not wait for this year’s. As soon as registration opened, I acted as fast as I could and signed up for as many events as possible. I’m glad I signed up when I did because within a few hours, most of the events were sold out!

Fast forward to early last week. As someone attending the event for the first time, I eagerly checked out blogs and Facebook posts of other girls who were attending the event and those who attended last year, seeking out advice for what to do, where to go, and what to pack. Because of the heat, pack multiple outfits for each day, because you will definitely get sweaty and want to change and freshen up between events. One of the items I had wished I’d brought this year was bug spray! Because of how lush and tropical Palm Beach is, there are little gnats living in plants everywhere. I unfortunately became a bug buffet this year and will definitely not be forgetting a can of bug spray for next year! One other thing that I plan on doing differently next year is budgeting extra time on my trip so that I can relax and spend a little more time with my new friends. This year, I was only there from the time registration started through the farewell breakfast. Because everyone attending is going in a million different directions at all times because of all of the different events and activities, I didn’t get a chance to walk on the beach, or have a drink by the pool with the other ladies and just hang out and get to know them. Activities that I participated in this year were: the solo traveler meet up, creating a custom shift with a Lilly Pulitzer designer (shout out to @lindamariez for helping me create a gorgeous custom maxi! I can’t wait to see it!), having a clutch custom painted by a Lilly Pulitzer print artist (Thank you @m.s.lingo for the absolutely stunning Viva La Lilly clutch! I am OBSESSED!), the welcome happy hour, sunrise yoga, Worth Avenue walking tour with Rick Rose, the step by step painting class at Uptown Art, and the Farewell breakfast.

As someone who attended the retreat alone, I was very nervous that I wouldn’t know anyone, or have friends to do the activities with. I had known many of the attendees from instagram, but I had never met any of them in person. I was so glad that I had signed up for so many of the events because they made it so much easier to talk to the other ladies and put myself out there. I loved everything about my experience this year and met so many sweet women this past weekend that I already can’t wait to see everyone again at next year’s event!

Did you go to the Pink Retreat this year? What was your favorite part? Do you plan on attending next year? Let me know in the comments!

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